Clival tumor overview the small, sloped bone at the base of your brain is called the clivus. buy generic viagra A clival tumor is located here. online pharmacies viagra The clivus is surrounded by nerves, veins and arteries in the brain. It can develop either chordoma or chondrosarcoma. buy viagra cheap Clival chordomas are rare. how much does viagra cost They are benign (not cancerous) but may invade nearby structures affecting the brain as they grow. Chondrosarcomas are more rare than chordomas. buy viagra They are malignant (cancerous). cheap viagra On the clivus, they usually grow slowly. In some cases, however, they are aggressive. Chordomas are most often seen in young and middle-aged adults. Chondrosarcomas are more common in men than women. viagra and viagra spam Diagnosis if your doctor suspects that you have a clival tumor, you may need an x-ray, ct scan or mri, along with blood tests. Symptoms general symptoms of a brain tumor include: headache seizure double vision memory problems personality changes unexplained nausea and vomiting treatment the most common treatment for clival tumors is surgical removal followed by radiation therapy. buy cheap viagra Links vanderbilt neurosciences vanderbilt skull base center full site. Ontal headache, visual disturbances and intracranial hemorrhages2,3. how much does viagra cost They are therefore usually discovered only after having undergone long periods of undisturbed growth. Clinical diagnosis is made by interpretation of patient’s presenting symptoms and objective findings on physical examination. Radiographic studies supplement this information. viagra uk fast delivery True diagnosis can only be made histologically. A 50-year-old male presented with the chief complaints of headache, vomiting, and decreased vision for 8-9 months. Headache was continuous, severe, and present all over the head and associated with vomiting. History of increased sweating, and intolerance to heat was also present. Pituitary hormone levels (human growth hormone, tsh, cortisol) were within normal limits. Ct scan revealed a hyperdense mass within the sphenoid sinus extending into the nasopharynx, abutting the posterior choana. Mri showed a sellar tumour invading the clivus. what does viagra cost The patient underwent a right frontal craniotomy via sub-frontal approach and tumour decompression was done. The specimen was sent for histop.